The Deuteros Man is a book that I have written to help students of the Word understand the nature of our Messiah and what He did. I was prompted to write it to help bring clarity and unity within the Hebraic movement along the lines of the divinity of Yeshua, the purpose of animal sacrifices, and our relationship to the future Millennial Temple. It was designed in such a way to be understandable for serious student of the word, yet take the reader into a deeper understanding of the nature of our Messiah’s work.


The temple is a topic of hot debate in Christian and Jewish circles but especially salient to the Messianic Jewish movement. The temple is central to the Gospel. It depicts the work that Yeshua did in the heavenly realm as the Deuteros Man, on our behalf, in order to restore us to an Edenic state.

This book explores significant topics such as levels of holiness, purification rites, the use of blood as a detergent, temple articles and clothing, priesthood qualifications, and the manner in which Yahweh manifests Himself as it relates to temple status.

If you find this book helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends and family. Shalom!